Restaurants are nearby the golfing area, including Scotchies/Jerk, Indian, Thai, Pub, and Jamaican cuisine. Falmouth, the nearby town is historic. Glistening Waters in Falmouth is a luminous lagoon for an evening outing and dinner.


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Whilst Boston Bay may be the birthplace of jerk cuisine, the most highly regarded "jerk pit" is Scotchies.

Scotchies began in Montego Bay and have since opened a branch in Ocho Rios and Kingston.

Its a "must visit".

Jerk food is cooked in the traditional-style, on open-air barbeques over pimento wood. Spicy jerk chicken and pork are the specialities of Scotchies but a milder jerk fish is also available, along with a wide range of side dishes such as festival, rice and peas, roast yam, breadfruit, potatoes and corn.

Food is served wrapped in foil and is available to eat-in or take-away. The eat-in environment is rustically atmospheric, comprising of wooden tables, barrel stools and grass umbrellas. There is also a thatched-roof full service bar and music playing, making Scotchies a great place to linger for a while, soak up the atmosphere and play a few rounds of dominoes.

No reservations required.

1 876 953 3301


Glistening Waters

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Also called Luminous Lagoon, the glow in the bay is due to the presence of microorganisms that produce photo chemical reactions like fireflies.  Glistening Waters Bay is one of the largest lagoons of its type in the word. Glass bottom boat trips begin at Sunset.  It is also fun to swim in the phosphorescence.  Glistening Waters Restaurant specializes in fresh seafood.

Phone : 876-954-3229