• scrambled eggs and bacon, parmesan on side, banana bread
  • pancakes and sautéed turkey sausage
  • ackee and Saltfish, fried dumpling
  • callalloo, Canadian bacon and festival
  • Egg frittata with potatoes, cheese,tomatoe, pepper, thyme etc
  • Pumpkin nut muffins, granola and yogurt
  • Mackerel run down, banana and dumpling
  • French toast, porridge
  • Saltfish fritters, avocado


  • Escovietch kingfish with okra, onion, carrot, Bammy sticks or roast breadfruit or boiled yellow yam, Steamed callalloo with fresh broad beans, salad (olives, feta, tomato, pinenuts, lime vinaigrette)
  • Curry chicken with carrots, beets, garbanzos, fried plantain, rice, string beans, salad (peanuts, cheddar, orange slivers, shredded toasted coconut, tahini dressing)
  • Roasted vegetable quesadillas with squash, zucchini, eggplant, red onion, sweet pepper, goat cheese, chicken quesadillas with onion, sweet pepper, cheddar’, papaya salsa, guacamole, veggie bean stew, breadfruit, banana or plantain chips, tabouli salad
  • Pesto cucumber sandwiches, tuna salad with pita toast, hummus or babaganoush with homemade chips (potato with rosemary garlic ) pak choy salad
  • Chunky chicken salad with pine, walnuts, tahini, parsley fresh mr chin bread, pak choy sauté in filo squares, penne pasta salad with roasted garlic, basil, fresh tomatoes, sautéed sundried tomatoes parmesan. Salad (watermelon, feta, arugula, lettuce, orange juice dressing)
  • Beef chili and vegetarian chili with cornbread and linguini, cheddar and butter, salad (sunflower seeds, pineapple, cheddar, honey mustard dressing)
  • Patties, cocobread, (best if beach day up), salad, coconuts, oranges, chips
  • Sautéed and baked chicken with lime and garlic, cous cous salad with carrots, beets, walnuts, mozzarella chunks, citrus honey cilantro dressing refried green plantain cabbage salad with, ginger soy sugar vinegar dressing
  • One pot rice with callalloo, pumpkin, okra, carrots, chocho, red peas. Bbq chicken cornmeal or flour dumplings, salad (cashews, papaya, rice vinegar /sugardressing)
  • Jerk pork with tamarind rum pepper gravy, crayfish boil with butter garlic pepper sauce, plantain, rice n peas, salad


  • Ackee in filo served, fricassee chicken, rice n peas, fried plantain, string beans, sliced tomatoes drizzled with toasted parmesan, lemon cheesecake
  • Sauteed shrimp butterflied with peanut and cucumber salsa, restuffed chocho with mashed potato and sweet potato, parmesan, black bean and corn and red pepper stew with cilantro, shredded carrot salad with sunflower seeds, sliced grapes, lime vin., Carrot cake
  • Smoked marlin dip/salsa on lettuce on thin toasted hardo squares garnished with chives. (for veg whipped cream cheese with pepper jelly and walnuts) Grilled tenderloin of beef with sherry wine sauce , Mushrooms sauté with , onions , scalloped potatoes, steamed broccoli, pumpkin run down with broad beans, ice cream and baked banana
  • Grilled mahimahi with orange pecan salsa, mashed potatoes sautéed ackee with light curry flavor, string beans, fried plantain, Tortuga rum cake, whipped cream
  • Curry goat with chutney and toasted coconut , rice, split peas stew, plantain, sautéed vegetables, fruit salad
  • Peanut soup not lots of food. Chicken breast stuffed with roasted garlic, callalloo, tomatoes, parmesan, corn on the cob, grilled veggies, yam casserole, salad (mixed nuts, grapefruit slivers, parmesan, tahini dressing) chocolate cake
  • Rosemary leg of lamb mint sauce, Pasta with tomato cream sauce or pesto sauce, parmesan, pak choy salad, cookie warm with ice cream



  • Lettuce mix , watermelon, feta, slivered almonds, watermelon mint dressing
  • Lettuce mix, olives, goat cheese, walnuts, sundried tomato pesto, balsamic rosemary dressing
  • Lettuce mix pineapple, pecans, cheddar tahini dressing
  • Lettuce mix, papaya, pinenuts, parmesan, papaya orangecilantro dressing
  • Lettuce mix toasted coconut bits, toasted ginger bits, peanuts, carrot ginger dressing
  • Lettuce mix, grapes, brie, cashews, honey mustard vinaigrette
  • Pak choy salad, nuts, ramen noodles, soy sweet dressing
  • Purple and white cabbage salad with skellion, raw peanuts, orange ginger soy sweet dressing
  • June plum/otaheti/avocado with scrambled tofu, slivered almonds, june plum or otaheti vinaigrette